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Due to the Current Health Pandemic, we are estimating shipping delays up to 3-4 weeks (estimated). If you are not willing to wait, please at this time we ask you DO NOT order. Again, this is just an estimate. For some orders it may take only days but other orders it might take the full 3-4weeks, or even longer. The entire gun industry is on a dry spell right now with inventory level due to this pandemic/panic buying. We are constantly searching for new vendors and even retailers to purchase some of these back ordered items from. Please do not send us an inquiry on when your order will be ready. We will contact you once it's available or at the very least, we will let you know if there's a new ETA for your order.

If you want to stay on top of what's being restocked/new arrivals, your best option is to follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook). The is the fastest platform we can let everyone know what we have in stock and ready to ship. 

Also please keep in mind that our pricing at this point changes from shipment to shipment. Since some of our vendors have raised their prices and in some cases we’re purchasing some of the items at retail price. We're doing this so that we can provide the fastest turnaround time for these hard to find parts, build kit etc. We thank  you for your understanding and continued support

WILL CALL - These are local pick ups only. If you're not in SoCal then do not choose this option under Payments/Shipping. Cash ONLY during will call pick ups. We will contact you once your order is ready. Do not contact us and ask if you can pick up “now” or “today”. You will be contacted via phone or email. Upon ordering please make sure to enter a phone number that is best for you to be reached at. If you do not reply to any of our calls/emails within 2 days upon leaving a message/email then the order will be automatically cancelled without notice. We’re declining tons of larger order just so we can spread the qty we have. 

Make sure to order all the items you want to pick up. We do not bring any inventory during Will Calls/Pick Up. This means that if you need a magazine for your kit, then it will have needed to be ordered when you ordered your kit. 

WILL CALL LOCATION: It will be in the vicinity of 91 freeway and 15 freeway interchange. (91 Freeway Exit McKinley) This will give you an idea on how long it takes to go to our location. Actual address will be text/emailed to you once your order is confirmed. PLEASE RESPECT OUR TIME AND DO NOT MAKE US WAIT. If you're going to be late or can't make it, contact us via phone/voicemail/text/dm on ig. We will not wait around for you.

If you’re paying with a credit card, then choose Ship/priority shipping. No WILL CALL on any credit card purchases

These are called BUILDERS Kits and not called “Assemble Kit” for a reason. You will need to file/sand/polish p80 frames/parts in order to make it work. Esp. for the subcompact, almost 100% of the time you will have to modify the locking block. If you are not capable of doing this then DO not buy these kits. We will not assemble any slide parts kits at this time. All our build kits will have Channel Liners already installed. If we have time, then we will also install sights (if they're available). You can figure out the rest. Simple google search usually does the job. Again, if you’re not capable of doing this then DO not purchase any of these build kits. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND to go on and searching  "marinegunbuilder". Watch all of his build kit related videos. It will help you understand what to look for when you're building your kit. 

Please keep in mind that once you drilled/cut/alter/modify your Polymer80 other than its original 80% form, it then becomes a "firearms" per ATF. This means that ALL Polymer80 frames are not refundable, no exchange, no returns. If you have any issues with your Polymer 80 frames and/or parts for your frame like 80% frame, jigs, drill bits, end mills, pins, springs and both front and rear locking block; You will need to contact Polymer80 directly at Polymer80 handles all warranty/RMA for all Polymer80 product line including their lower parts kit, slides, barrels, etc. 

If you see any of these options out of stock, this means the entire product is "OUT OF STOCK"

  • Slide Option

  • Frame Option

  • Barrel Option

in some cases, you will see LPK (lower parts kit) and sights are "grayed" or not highlighted, this means these items are out of stock and if you do purchase the kit, it will Not come with those parts. 

Whatever you see available on colors/slide style is what we currently have. Do not ask if we have this color if you see it out of stock. At this point we do not know when another restock but we will always make an announcement so make sure to follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t individually remind you of when things are coming back so the fastest way is to do it on Social Media.


1.) What do you have in stock?

Answer: go look online. If we don't have it online then we don't have it. 

2.) Can you let me know when you will get more stuff in? 

Answer: No, we will not let you know individually when we will have restock. Follow/Like us on Social Media for the latest arrivals. 

3.) I'm local, can I pay cash and pick up to your store?

Answer: We do not have a store. During Check out, Will Call means "pick up". So if you're in the east coast, DO not pick Will Call unless you're planning to drive hundreds of miles. If you choose Will Call, you will pay during pick up in CASH only. We don't take our card terminal during any meet. 

4.) It shows out of stock online, can I still buy it from you?

Answer: If it shows out of stock, It means out of stock. No, you can not pay more to get cut in front of everyone. 

5.) I placed an order xxxx, when can I expect the order to ship? 

Answer: We process orders as we receive them. This means when we get to your order then that's when we will process it. If our shipping delay says xxx days, then just expect that. If we ship it any sooner then you're welcome! We do not like seeing orders waiting to be fulfilled so trust us, we want your stuff out of our shop. 

6.) My order online says "awaiting fulfillment, did my order go through? 

Answer: When you place an order, it will automatically go to "awaiting fulfillment" status. This means we have not processed your order. You will get an email confirmation saying that your order has Shipped once the label is created. For the most part, we create labels when your order is packed and ready to ship. We suggest to wait a full 24hrs before trying to track your package. In some cases if we get swamped, we will generate your tracking but it won't ship until we get that batch all ready to ship. Also, we will request signature required on your order to ensure its being received by someone at your physical address. We would hate for it to get stolen or delivered to the wrong address.

Please keep in mind that we're constantly working on getting everyone's orders out as fast as possible. We truly appreciate your continued support and your understanding in these crazy times. Stay Safe and Healthy!

MDX Arms Family!