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These Kits are ready to ship. We will offer will call but orders MUST be made online. Yes you will be charged shipping and tax. These are Limited QTY Only. These items are priced higher that normal due to the shipping cost and also since most of our vendor had raise their prices. Also, we had some of these items purchased at retail price. These kits are freshly build.

It will take us longer to get all the spec per item so here's somethings you need to know about the builds

1.) Anything listed as "AR15" will shoot both .223 and 5.56 (unless specific)
2.) USA Made T67076 Alum Hard Ano Type III
3.) Free Float Handguards
4.) All BCG are Nitride, M16 Style
5.) Low Pro Steel Gas Block
6.) Lengths are 16" / 10.5 / 7.5"
7.) Does not come with any Iron Sights or Optic
8.) A.) Does not come with any Magazine. NO we do not have any in stock
9.) We do not have any 80% Jigs. ONLY 80% receiver 
10.) All Uppers are complete, Ready to be installed on a complete Lower Receiver. 
11.) AR15 lowers are all generic so these will go on "most" receivers.
12.) If you're purchasing a 16" Carbine/Rifle, the you can run a Stock Buffer Tube Kit, If you're running anything shorter than a 16" barrel, then you will legally need to run an AR15 pistol buffer tube kit. We're not lawyers so read the law.
13.) Each Upper has 1 qty each ONLY
14.) No Min. Limit

Here's what you need to build a complete AR15

1.) Complete Upper
2.) Stock or Pistol Buffer Tube Kit
3.) Lower Parts Kit or LPK
4.) 80% or 100% Lower
5.) for 80%, you will also need a Jig. We only recommend 5d tactical, 80% arms and modulus tactical jigs
6.) Some kind of sighting system

Adding items to your Cart:
You can only add 1 item at a time.
For Example: If you wish to purchase (1) #1 Upper , LPK and 80% Receiver

  • Click #1 and then click add to cart.
  • Click LPK and then add to cart
  • and then Click 80% Receiver and add to cart

ALL WILL CALL Orders will be CASH Payment ONLY. No TAX or SHiPPING.
Payments are made during will call.
We will contact you via email/text to schedule a meet. If you do not answer within 1-2 hours upon us leaving a message then we will cancel the order and move to the next guy.
All Items Listed on this PAGE are available and ready for Pick Up. These are the ONLY items ready for will call. If you purchased previously, please do not ask if we can bring that order during will call.