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UPDATED: 5/1/2020


These are called BUILDERS Kits and not called “Assemble Kit” for a reason. You will need to file/sand/polish p80 frames/parts in order to make it work. Esp. for the subcompact, almost 100% of the time you will be to modify the locking block. If you are not capable of doing this then DO not buy these kits. We will not assemble any slide as complete. We already installed Channel Liner and Sights on them. You can figure out the rest. Simple google search usually does the job. Again, if you’re not capable of doing this then DO not purchase any of these kits. 

If you see any of these options out of stock, this means the entire product is "OUT OF STOCK"

  • Slide Option
  • Frame Option
  • Barrel Option

in some cases, you will see LPK (lower parts kit) and sights are "grayed" or not highlighted, this means these items are out of stock and if you do purchase the kit, it will Not come with those parts. 

Whatever you see available on colors/slide style is what we currently have. Do not ask if we have this color if you see it out of stock. At this point we do not know when another restock but we will always make an announcement so make sure to follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t individually remind you of when things are coming back so the fastest way is to do it on Social Media.