Bootleg Enhanced Lightweight AR15/M4 Complete Upper Receiver

  • $175.95


  • Machined from forged 7075 aluminum to keep it light
  • Mil spec hard anodizing for durability
  • 1.7 oz lighter than a mil spec upper receiver with hardware installed
  • Captured dust cover door pin eliminating the need for the E clip

With an AR 15, every part of the upper assembly is totally customizable, which is what the team at Bootleg, Inc. loves about the AR. There’s no need to buy a complete upper assembly unless you want to! Our lightweight Complete Upper Receiver offers less weight than a mil spec upper receiver and we’ve done away with the forward assist to reduce snag risk. Start your upper assembly right with our Complete Upper Receiver today!


  • 6.2 oz stripped
  • 12” x 6” x 4”
  • Comes with the door installed and ready to be used

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