Strike Industries Gas Tube - Black Coating

  • $12.11
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Strike Industries manufactures the essential parts of you AR with high quality and precision at the best price. A black coated gas tube is the perfect upgrade to match a standard or custom AR build. It comes in 3 sizes, Carbine 9 ¾” , Midlength 11 ¾” , and Rifle 15 1/8”. The matte finish gives off no reflection, so you aren’t giving anything away. Each set comes with a roll pin. The black oxide coating process is in accordance to Military Spec MIL C 13924. Each roll pin is slightly over sized to accommodate most gas blocks and can be modified to fit smaller gas blocks. The look and feel of this gas tube cannot be matched. It’s a must have! When you need parts, think of Strike Industries!

Package include:
- 1 x Black coated gas tube
- 1 x Roll pin 

- Mil spec stainless steel 304
- No refection and hidden from the enemies.
- Black oxidizing process
- Military Spec MIL C 13924
- Less build up on or inside gas tube
- Over sized roll pin included

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