Defcon Compact Assault Bag - CAB BAG

  • $54.95

The Compact Assault Bag, or CAB, by Defcon Gear is a great solution for discreet rifle and gear transport.

The main compartment features two large padded pockets, one to store your M4/AR15 type upper and the other pocket for the lower receiver. The separated pockets keep the two components from touching each other in the bag, preventing scratches or damage to your rifle and its accessories.

On the front of the bag, there are two large pockets. Each of the pockets has sub-compartments to store other essentials. One pocket has built in elastic straps, allowing you to carry 4 M4 magazines with minimal added bulk, as well as a pouch sewn into the flap. The other pocket can hold pens, identification, and other essentials.

The CAB is a great solution for discreet carbine transport that you can’t do without.

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