Ferfrans CRD (Concussion Reduction Device)

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The FERFRANS CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System is a two part system consisting of the muzzle brake and a CRD (Concussion Reduction Device) with a built in quick attach/detach mechanism.

 By itself, the FERFRANS Muzzle Brake is highly effective at reducing recoil and muzzle climb, allowing for faster follow up shots while staying on target. However, with the three expansion chambers, the side blast and concussion can be significant for the friends shooting next to you.

 This is when the CRD can be utilized to help mitigate the concussion and side blast of the muzzle brake to redirect more of the gasses forward of the shooter. There are small holes all around the CRD that still allow some of the muzzle brake's benefits to be effective, but the CRD does slightly increase the amount of felt recoil and muzzle climb when attached. Because of the quick detach system, the shooter can choose what kind of muzzle setup to run to better adapt to certain scenarios.

 Product Specs:
- Muzzle Brake
- Weight - 3.9 oz
- Length - 2.28"
- Thread Pattern - 1/2x28
- Caliber - (.223/5.56)

 CRD (Concussion Reduction Device):
- Length - 2.17"
- Width - 1.6" Diameter
- Total weight of the system combined is 10.3 ounces

Package includes
- 1x FERFRANS Muzzle Brake
- 1x CRD (Concussion Reduction Device)

- Quick Attach and Detach of CRD
- CRD reduces side blast and concussion when installed
- Maintains some benefits of muzzle brake
- Directs blast forward

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