ZEV Technologies PMAG Glock Magazine basepad

  • $41.80

ZEV Technologies™ MAGPUL Glock® PMAG17 GL9 basepad.

All the things you expect from a ZEV item. Ease of installation, style, and performance.

Anodized Red

Compatible ONLY with MagPul PMAG17 GL9

Recently Magpul came to market with the PMAG 17 GL9 17-round Glock® 9mm handgun magazine featuring a new proprietary all-polymer construction for flawless reliability and durability for thousands of rounds.

Zev Technologies™ decided that the magazine wouldnt feel complete without having an aggressively styled ZEV basepad. We immediately went to work designing the first basepad for the new magazine. After many drafting table conversations and rigorous testing we believe that we have come up with the definitive option for an extended capacity basepad. Factory parts come off, our parts go on and then reassemble the unit using the same easily removable floor-plate that comes with the PMAG.


Zev Technologies™ will not ship any of these items to individuals living within the state of California.


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