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Polymer 80 How To

How-to Tricks in Finishing your Polymer80 Build. These videos are not easyily made, It takes ALOT of time shooting and editing them so that everyone can benefit from it. That said, please give you thanks to those who created them by Subscribing to their Channel on youtube, Liking/Following them on Social Media. I'm sure they'll appreciate the gesture. Enjoy!!!

All New Polymer80 PFSS9 Dual Build By MGB!


P80 Tab Removal by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 Drilling Pins by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 Pesky Guide Rod Channel Removal by MGB


P80 Mastering the Guide Rod Channel Removal by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 G19 Assembly Video by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 Understanding/Fixes for the Rear Rail by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 Extraction / Ejection / Stove Pipe by Marine Gun Builder (MGB) * Must Watch*


P80 Polishing Tricks by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


P80 Polishing & Prepping your Parts Before Assembly by Marine Gun Builder (MGB)


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