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9mm - PCC Barrels

MDX Arms has a wide selection of AR-15 barrels for sale. Choose from .223/5.56 .300BLK, 7.62x39mm, .308Win with the popular twist rates, lengths material and so much more

  • Odin Works 9mm/PCC Barrel 1/2x28

    Odin Works 9mm/PCC Barrel 1/2x28

    The ODIN Works 9mm barrels feature the stylish look that ODIN barrels are known for.  Made for blowback AR9s, these barrels are turned from 416 stainless steel and come in 3 lengths.  7.5", 10.5", and 16.1" all come with 1/2-28 threads to cover all...

    As low as $139.00
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